I am Flight

I was having a cup of coffee at the beach last week, watching seagulls. It got me thinking about flight. What I got to wondering is whether or not birds fly for fun? We know they fly for food, for comfort (migration), for shelter and for safety. But apart from these necessities, do they ever fly for fun? For the sheer exhilaration of flying? Do they soar and glide just because they can? Because they have wings? Because they were born for this purpose?

Photographically speaking, and especially in portraiture, we're all a pretty pedestrian and predictable lot. We shoot more for necessity, not nicety. We shoot more often to make a living, rather than simply for the unadulterated joy of photography.

I would vehemently argue that it's the latter than feeds and fuels the former. It's the shooting for fun that will ultimately energize your shooting for profit.

When was the last time you picked up your camera and shot just for the fun of it? Not for a job. Not to sell stock. Not to test out a new piece of equipment. Just for the unsullied, untainted, untouched joy of shooting. Just for the heck of it. Because you can. Because you want to. Because you were born to.

I have personally found, in my three decades of commercial photography experience, that shooting for fun is the very best gift you can give yourself. Strangely, or perhaps ironically, when your motivations are pure like this...something always good comes out of it. Always!

So spread your wings. Rise. Take off. Soar. Be the photographer you were meant to be. Shoot the kind of pictures you were born to shoot. For a contemporary photographer, there is no greater journey than the flight of self-discovery. Ascend!